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Confident Recruitment is New Zealand’s leading industrial recruitment agency. Whether you want to work full time, part time, casual and remotely, we have the job for you.


Are you looking to list your jobs and find employees? Confident Recruitment provide candidates that suits your needs.


want training for the job. Confident Recruitment provides a top notch service to ensure you get the help you need.

Why Us?

We can help you get a job you’ll love!

When you’re unemployed there’s no difference between weekdays and weekends. You feel the pressure from family and friends who are working. You don’t have enough money to enjoy little luxuries. You haven’t got the confidence to face employers, or, when you find a job worth applying for, you don’t know how to?

We’ve been there, who hasn’t?

We’re a couple of mates who have a genuine heart to help individuals, from the platform of employment.
Through our own experiences of a lot of No’s, “you haven’t got enough experience”, “we’ll let you know” – opened our eyes to the importance of empowering a potential employee from day ‘dot’ and the rippling effect it can have on not only employers, but families, peers and communities.

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Aketa Woods

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